FAIRnet is a worldwide networking of the scientists working in the two biggest FAIR experiments: PANDA and CBM.

A networking is a relation chain, a way to trigger exchange of ideas and of expertise, and since PANDA and CBM will use common infrastructures it is worth to create strong links between these two communities.

PANDA is aiming to study the ultimate constituents of matters, quarks and gluons, smashing protons and antiprotons at high energies. The goal is to shed light to some aspects that are still poorly known: how mass originated? Why our Universe is made almost of matter?

CBM, via heavy-ion collisions, will create hot and dense states of matter, trying to reproduce the environment that we thought was our Universe at its early stages, just after the "Big Bang".

Apparently, the two subjects are different, but actually they are intimately connected. In particular, the set of tools and the equipment used by both groups are similar. Therefore, FAIRNET wants to help increasing the synergies between the two collaborations, offering resources and occasions to debate.

Outcomes have been already reached: a common software framework for data simulations and analysis has been developed; similar particle detectors and electronic devices are under construction.

In modern science nothing can be done by a person alone. Modern research activity is a continuous exchange of knowledge and a transfer of experiences.

The HadronPhysics3 project is supported by the European Union
under the 7th Framework Capacities Programme in the area of Research Infrastructures (RI).